Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ohh Sunday

Today was busy busy! We had to go to church, run errands and go out to eat for my birthday and also so I could see some of my aunts and uncles! My brothers even surprised me with a very frosted, heart shaped chocolate chip cookie. SO much of it was frosting that I could only eat about 4 bites before it was to much. I promised I would eat more later but it seemed to be gobbled up by one brother when I wasn't looking. But somewhere along the way I noticed that its January and there is STILL no snow. This is IOWA, it's starting to get freaky!
 I took this pic this morning and see no snow! (Please ignore the dead looking garden and the gigantic pile of wood. Trust me it gets bigger the closer you get to the wood burner. I guess Dad and Joe haven't finished chopping yet!)

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