Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Summer of Crafts Challenge #1

I have officially deemed this summer "The Summer of Crafts"! "The Summer of Crafts" will start once I get home for the summer and unpack the contents of my dorm room and carefully put it away in my room which is about 6' by 8'. (Since I'm going to college my mom and dad thought I wouldn't need my big room anymore so they gave it to my brother. Little did they know, I have a lot of stuff! And if it doesn't get cleaned nicely, my mother with not be very happy with me.)
        Anyways it will start about May 25th. I will try to get as much as I possibly can posted on here. I am babysitting the boys again this summer so taking pictures during activity time is like trying to get by brother to stop stealing bacon while Mom's still frying it. :P But I am going to try it my best. Not only will I be doing kid crafts with the boys I will be doing crafts for me! 
        Challenge #1  will be wreaths. Mom and I have seen so many in stores that we love but don't want to buy. My challenge is to recreate them! And drive myself crazy in the process. Muwahahahahaha! I started a wreath one day up here at school. I got about 20 rolled paper flowers and gave up because it just wasn't working out. But I am going to give that one a retry this summer.

If you have any crafty ideas for me to try this summer please let me know! I am always up for ideas. They can be kid crafts, grown up crafts, anything! It's "The Summer of Crafts" and I need more ideas!

My summer predictions: This summer I predict that I will probably end up super gluing my fingers together (which I am notorious for), having plenty more glitter accidents, burning my hands with the glue gun, and ruin more than one pair of shorts with paint and fabric dye. But this summer shall be crafty!
PS. I'm debating on if I want to cut my hair short like this again. What do you think?

Don't Take Pey's Headband...

If there is one thing that I've learned is that if Pey has some kind of hat on, don't touch it. It doesn't even have to be a hat! It's more like if Pey has anything on her head, don't take it away!

 She gave me this look for about five minutes because I took the headband off to cut off the extra base felt. This isn't even the real look! It's more of a scowl but every time I tried to take a picture she would smile. Anyways this is my next project! I have to make some revisions to my tutorial (I perfected it after I made the one Pey has on.) I will try to get it up this weekend. But I am going home tomorrow so maybe not.
Enjoy this picture of Pey and the face mask she always has to have on. At the particular moment she also had to have a Santa hat on also.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ruby Red Slippers

I actually made these a few months ago but I am just getting a chance to post the tutorial that I planned!

I love glitter. It's my weakness. Anything that sparkles, shimmers, shines has to be mine! Glitter is also very messy. My mom and I often refer to the Glitter Accident of '98. I spilled a jar, not just a tiny tube but a JAR, of glitter all over my hospital bed when my mom left me alone. Do you know how hard it is to get glitter out of a hospital bed/room. Just about impossible. Any ways I love glitter. I even wore magenta glitter Chucks for prom my senior year! When I learned that I could make my own glitter shoes I just about had a stroke. :P

Pretty little glitter Chucks. I now wear them around campus if I feel like being girly!

Anyways my mom came to me and asked if I could make her a pair of ruby red Wizard of Oz shoes for a party she was helping plan. It sounded like a job that I had to take on! So here it goes, how to make glitter shoes!

Materials: Mod Podge, super fine glitter (I used polyfiber glitter from Hobby Lobby. It was the only fine glitter they had.) , sponge brush, news paper, plastic sack, shoes!
Step 1: Stuff your shoes with a plastic sack so glitter doesn't accidentally fall inside. If you're doing the bottoms of your shoes tape them off so you don't get the glitter on the top part.

Step 2: Mix glitter and Mod Podge. I just eyeballed about 1/4 cup - 1/2 cup of Mod Podge into a plastic cup. Then I poured about 2 tablespoons plus a little extra into the cup and mixed it up!

I'm bad a measuring exactly when it comes to this stuff. It didn't seem like it was that important. When I ran out of glue, I just mixed more up! :)

Step 3: Paint shoes in sections. After you get a small section done, sprinkle the area with glitter. Shake the extra glitter off, and repeat on another section.
Step 4: Repeat step 3 only after the first layer is DRY. The second time will take a bit longer because your brush strokes have to be more careful. Doing it a second time insures that your shoes will be super glittery and there won't be any blank patches.

Step 5: Put one last layer of Mod Podge on the shoe. This seals in the glitter and keeps it from falling off!
Step 6: Let them dry and wear them out!
After I was all done I added some cute paper flowers I made with the extra Mod Podge glitter glue.
Before I made these I did the bottom of my heels. They took about 5 layers but that's because I wanted them to be super glittery and didn't want anybody to see the black sole.

Hope you enjoy!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Journaling, My Style!

Back from class and as promised a tutorial on how I journal! I will post a tutorial on how I made my actual book at a later date. I have to pic up some more supplies for it. When I create my pages, I use only the things that I can find in my dorm room. It's like a scavenger hunt every time I make a new entry. I like the challenge :) I am always writing notes to myself so they often end up as my backgrounds on my pages.

Step 1: Cover pages in torn newspaper/notes/whatever you'd like.

I use clear school glue and a paint brush to paste the paper on there. By painting the glue onto the news paper it keeps it from wrinkling. Then I let the paper dry. For this journal entry I did it a bit different. It is about my little brother Noah who loves the color green. First I graffitied his name all over the pages. Then I glued different types of green paper on top. (His favorite color is green. Can you tell?)

Step 2: I then glued his picture down on one page. I use the same clear glue and paint brush method for pictures as I do for the paper.
Step 3: Write your entry! And then you re finished!

On some entries I write directly on the news paper. It's sometimes hard to read, but that's okay because it's meant for me to read. As long as I can read it, it's good!

So Close to the Finish!

My freshman year is coming to a close! Well almost..., I have 4 weeks left. But, I have all of these projects and papers to finish up and most are due the last week of school. So in a basic sense, my finals have already started! To keep my sanity I've started a journal. This is not your ordinary diary/journal. It started out that way, but then I got bored with that and wanted something creative. It ended up like this.

I bought a cheap journal at Walmart and decided I hated the cover. I recovered it using fabric I had in my dorm room. (I'll show a tutorial on that later. I did mine at 2 in the morning and forgot to take pictures.)

Here are some entries into it. I'll give a turorial on it in my next post!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I've got a Pocket full of Surprises!

This is a seceret so don't tell anyone! I'm going home this weekend for Easter to surprise my mom and dad! I wasn't supposed to be going home because I was just there for spring break, but I am just not ready to spend Easter alone yet. I know I am a weenie. I have a big family and we are very family people so this would be the first holiday away from them. I just decided about 10 minutes ago that I was for sure going home. I'm so excited to see them! I am anxiously waiting for my new swim suit to get here. It's somewhere here in town on the UPS truck and I just want it to get here! Even though it is just the bottoms (the top was put on back order. BOOOo!) But there is a free Victoria Seceret beach tote and a free gift card and I want to see how much I got! A free gift card is like gold to a poor college kid. I think that if I keep pushing refresh on the UPS page it will probably break :P I really don't want to go to psych because of this but I suppose I have to. I promise to post my new project when I get back from home!
Until next time!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Oh Hey Hello There!

So I know it has been a few months. :( That wasn't the plan what so ever, but I came back to school and BAM classes hit me. It sucks and I have wanted to come back and say hi! It's been a tough semester and my mind has been boggled by class and life. But non the less I am back. So here is what has go on in the last few months.
           February: Valentine's Day marked my one year anniversery with my boyfriend Josh. We had a very nice dinner and made eachother our gifts. :) Then at the end of the month I traveled home (from WI to IA) and got into a slight run in with a mile marker. Basically I lost control of my car and it spun out and the pole stopped me but it was not fun at all!

          March: School. School. School. And um more School... Exciting right?! Like I said I haven't done much except homework. Even on spring break. I worked on my ED 205 class which was fun, but I didn't go anywhere fantastic (mostly because I couldn't afford it)
         April: I'M BACK!!! Ohh yeah! And I can't wait for you to see what I am all up to. I am like jumping out of my seat in giddiness. But that could be because I would really like to start a project but I need to pick up fabric and do an English paper...

Meet Duck and Lola! They're our bears that we made when I was home on a visit. Josh really likes the Avalanch and I really like the Penguins. Lola even has pink glitter chucks to match mine!!! Since Josh insists that Lola is a bad name for a dog and I cant exactly have one in the dorm the bear will have to do. But mark my words someday I will have a minature Golden Doddle named Lola! Muwahahahhahahahhahahahaahhaha, Josh won't know it until I already name the dog! (I swear am not evil, I just want a puppy named Lola.)
Well I have to go write an English paper so until tomorrow!