Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Oh Hey Hello There!

So I know it has been a few months. :( That wasn't the plan what so ever, but I came back to school and BAM classes hit me. It sucks and I have wanted to come back and say hi! It's been a tough semester and my mind has been boggled by class and life. But non the less I am back. So here is what has go on in the last few months.
           February: Valentine's Day marked my one year anniversery with my boyfriend Josh. We had a very nice dinner and made eachother our gifts. :) Then at the end of the month I traveled home (from WI to IA) and got into a slight run in with a mile marker. Basically I lost control of my car and it spun out and the pole stopped me but it was not fun at all!

          March: School. School. School. And um more School... Exciting right?! Like I said I haven't done much except homework. Even on spring break. I worked on my ED 205 class which was fun, but I didn't go anywhere fantastic (mostly because I couldn't afford it)
         April: I'M BACK!!! Ohh yeah! And I can't wait for you to see what I am all up to. I am like jumping out of my seat in giddiness. But that could be because I would really like to start a project but I need to pick up fabric and do an English paper...

Meet Duck and Lola! They're our bears that we made when I was home on a visit. Josh really likes the Avalanch and I really like the Penguins. Lola even has pink glitter chucks to match mine!!! Since Josh insists that Lola is a bad name for a dog and I cant exactly have one in the dorm the bear will have to do. But mark my words someday I will have a minature Golden Doddle named Lola! Muwahahahhahahahhahahahaahhaha, Josh won't know it until I already name the dog! (I swear am not evil, I just want a puppy named Lola.)
Well I have to go write an English paper so until tomorrow!

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