Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Summer of Crafts Challenge #1

I have officially deemed this summer "The Summer of Crafts"! "The Summer of Crafts" will start once I get home for the summer and unpack the contents of my dorm room and carefully put it away in my room which is about 6' by 8'. (Since I'm going to college my mom and dad thought I wouldn't need my big room anymore so they gave it to my brother. Little did they know, I have a lot of stuff! And if it doesn't get cleaned nicely, my mother with not be very happy with me.)
        Anyways it will start about May 25th. I will try to get as much as I possibly can posted on here. I am babysitting the boys again this summer so taking pictures during activity time is like trying to get by brother to stop stealing bacon while Mom's still frying it. :P But I am going to try it my best. Not only will I be doing kid crafts with the boys I will be doing crafts for me! 
        Challenge #1  will be wreaths. Mom and I have seen so many in stores that we love but don't want to buy. My challenge is to recreate them! And drive myself crazy in the process. Muwahahahahaha! I started a wreath one day up here at school. I got about 20 rolled paper flowers and gave up because it just wasn't working out. But I am going to give that one a retry this summer.

If you have any crafty ideas for me to try this summer please let me know! I am always up for ideas. They can be kid crafts, grown up crafts, anything! It's "The Summer of Crafts" and I need more ideas!

My summer predictions: This summer I predict that I will probably end up super gluing my fingers together (which I am notorious for), having plenty more glitter accidents, burning my hands with the glue gun, and ruin more than one pair of shorts with paint and fabric dye. But this summer shall be crafty!
PS. I'm debating on if I want to cut my hair short like this again. What do you think?

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