Monday, April 23, 2012

Journaling, My Style!

Back from class and as promised a tutorial on how I journal! I will post a tutorial on how I made my actual book at a later date. I have to pic up some more supplies for it. When I create my pages, I use only the things that I can find in my dorm room. It's like a scavenger hunt every time I make a new entry. I like the challenge :) I am always writing notes to myself so they often end up as my backgrounds on my pages.

Step 1: Cover pages in torn newspaper/notes/whatever you'd like.

I use clear school glue and a paint brush to paste the paper on there. By painting the glue onto the news paper it keeps it from wrinkling. Then I let the paper dry. For this journal entry I did it a bit different. It is about my little brother Noah who loves the color green. First I graffitied his name all over the pages. Then I glued different types of green paper on top. (His favorite color is green. Can you tell?)

Step 2: I then glued his picture down on one page. I use the same clear glue and paint brush method for pictures as I do for the paper.
Step 3: Write your entry! And then you re finished!

On some entries I write directly on the news paper. It's sometimes hard to read, but that's okay because it's meant for me to read. As long as I can read it, it's good!

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