About Me

Welcome to my blog! My name is Katelyn. My mom refers to me as her "Sweet Potato Pie", my dad calls me "Bugs". Sweet Potato Pie sounded much more appealing! i love to create. I am always doodling on my notes and coming up with new crafts. If there was a degree in crafting, I'd be first in line! If I set my mind to it I can create it. I was born with my mom's creating ability. I can sew, be artsy, be creative basically. I also have a love for baking and cooking. I love food! My mom claims we could live in Paula Dean's house because we LOVE butter. :P Food and craft supplies are my weaknesses.

I am from the state lovely state of Iowa! I love it there and wouldn't trade it for the world. I live in a really small town (so small that I can see all four sides of town from my yard. Growing up in such a small town was a great experience. If it wasn't for my small town my life wouldn't be the same! As of right now I am going to school in Wisconsin to become a teacher. I am getting a degrees in Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education. I am also working on a history minor! I love working with kids and I decided to become a teacher when I was five when i found out that they get the summer off!

When I am at home I live with my mom, dad, and two younger brothers, Joey and Noah. My mom runs an in-home daycare so my brothers and I have never attended a single day in a daycare. When I was younger, I was jealous of my friends who got to go to daycare or had babysitters. But now that I am older I am so glad that we got to stay home with our mom. My brother Joey and i were always creating something. My parents infused us with history so often our play reflected what we were learning about. They also lat our imaginations run wild. They let us build tepees and a pioneer settlement in the back yard and let us turn our sunroom into a WW2 safe room that mimicked a home in Brittan during WW2. They never told us that we couldn't make something. They were really good at letting us be us. Each of us is very different and they never tried to change who we are. 

Like I said earlier, with out my community I would be lost. They are so supportive and have helped my family so much. I was born with a rare kidney defect. To put it simply, they don't like me and hate to cooperate. When I was five I started to have problems with them. I had to have long extended stays at the UIHC. My parents were left with a ton of medical bills. We had just moved into town a few months before so we really didn't know anyone. But even so, they held a benefit for me to help my parents! Then in 2010, a week before Chrismas, our home started on fire. The entire upstairs (which contained all of our bedrooms) was ruined. We lost just about everything that was up there. The downstairs of the house had a lot of water damage. Once again our community came together. That night people were already bringing us clothes, food, and things that we needed. Not even two days later they had a whole house set up for us. It was stocked with food, bedding, furniture, clothes, everything we could possibly need. They even brought over things that my mom would need for her daycare. And it didn't stop there! The donations just kept coming. They even organized another beneifit for my family. We are so lucky for the people that care about my family.
This is my brothers room after the fire.
The things from Joey's bedroom that the firemen threw out of the windows.
All of my clothes, blankets, and anything else in my room!

I am who I am now because of everything that I have been through and experienced. I can't say that I am happy that certain things happened but I'm not sure that I would change them. I have learned to live my life by having hope, faith, and love.