Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Road Trip to the River

Over the weekend my parents, little brother, and I went to the grand Ole Mississippi River. There have been a bunch of storms north of us in Minnesota so the river was full of tree logs, rocks and cement (yes, cement. Apparently it floats...). We stayed with my aunt and uncle. They have a lodge on the bluffs. My dad got us lost (We're going to Kansas for vacation next week. Lets see ho much he gets us lost then...). To his defense, there's a lot of forks in the road. 
We went for a boat ride Saturday night. Noah did not enjoy this because we couldn't go fast and we couldn't tube. Those were the only reasons he even wanted to go! 

There were at bunch of eagles swooping across the water. We were all excited. Whenever we see an eagle we say "Hi Grandpa." That may seem silly but when he died there was an eagle flying over the cemetery and someone made the comment that it was Grandpa and it stuck. 
 Can you guess this store? If you guessed Cabela's then you are the winner! We love Cabela's. There is so much to look at when we're there. Mom and I bought some Under Armour 4D Foam  flip flops. They are the most comfortable flip flops ever! You should get some :) 

Have a Happy Fourth of July!

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