Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Spray Tye-Dye Shirts

My mom and I co-crafted last week because the pool was closed for a swim meet. We decided to make tye-dye shirts for the Forth of July. To avoid the mess that would happen with the rubber bands and the dunking of t-shirts into buckets of dye, we spray painted them. You can buy tye-dye already in spray bottles but is cost more and there's not much in them. So we made our own. 
            To make the dye we poured a little bit over a fourth of the bottle of Rit liquid dye into a spray bottle. I picked our spray bottles up at the Dollar Tree and our dye up at Walmart. 

We then filled up our bottles with HOT water and were ready to go. You may have to add or use less dye just depending on the size of your spray bottle and how you want your color to look on the fabric. 
After we made the dye we laid mats on the patio and helped the kids spray their shirts. 

Look at all of the pretty shirts :)

Look at my pretty hand...
It was in the line of fire. But at least it's festive. :)

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