Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Looking At the Sun Can Be Very Dangerous Unless You Know What You Are Doing

We probably looked like idiots standing outside with
 a welding helmet but it was pretty awesome!

For the love of science.

like Noah here! He knows exactly what he's doing. The kid has been researching about planets since he was three. Now he's almost eleven and today was the big day that we could see Venus. It was written really big on the calender. He has been doing my science homework since then. I love him much. I was informed that we needed number 14 welding masks to look at the sun so Dad brought us home some so that we could look at it! It looked just like a tiny speck. We also had to wait for clouds to get out of the way. Stupid clouds! I tried taking a picture of it in the mask but it didn't work, but if you have never looked through a welding mask it looks pretty dark, unless you're looking at the sun... 

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