Sunday, June 17, 2012

Adventuring With Mom and Noah

Mom, Noah, and I went shopping on Saturday. We needed to get Father's Day stuff and supplies for crafts next week. We got most of what we needed at the Dollar Tree. I happen to love the Dollar Tree, because well every things a dollar... Anyways, I was able to get enough supplies for 5 new crafts for twenty-five dollars! And Mom and I got to mess around. :)

Dino Hats!

Noah and his super cheesy grin. We were playing hide and seek in Penny's.

I love these cinnamon mini doughnuts. But I only like them from one vendor.
His cart is older than I am, but it makes all the difference. They are the best ever!  
Today is Father's Day and we are making home made ice cream! Mom bought this one on sale at Target last week. It's a Sunbeam and it works great! When the ice cream is all done the machine will shut off all by it's self which is pretty nifty. 

Happy Father's Day! I'll be posting a yummy recipe in just a bit! 

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