Monday, June 18, 2012

Popsicle Cupcakes

Aren't these super cute?! I saw a picture of them on Pintrest and decided that I was going to make them tonight. They're super easy too. All you have to do is cut a bunch of toothpicks and stick them into Mike and Ike's. It's just that easy! :)
Look at all of those pretty little Popsicle. I put Josh to work to make the sticks. We started out using flat toothpicks but then I would have to poke the candy with a normal toothpick to make a hole so the flat toothpick wouldn't break when I was trying to put it in the candy. That got really frustrating so I just started using normal toothpicks. 
He really enjoyed being my helper :P He got a new game in his phone and he was super enthralled with it. 

Hope these cool you off on a hot Summer day :)

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