Sunday, June 3, 2012

Paint Sample Pictures

I know this was supposed to be up Friday, but by the time I got off on Friday I was done and needed to just pass out. I also had to go to Waterloo to get stuff for a friends grad present. So here it is! 
   If there is any thing that I have learned from my mother, it is anything can be made out of paint samples. We always seem to have a ton of them and after the house fire we seemed to have buckets full. Mom got creative and used them for kids crafts. Which was my inspiration for Friday's craft. I dragged Josh around to Home Depot, Lowes, and Menards so I could gather up paint samples with out looking like a freak. :P 
I cut the samples apart and organized them by color. The boys picked out a page in their book that they wanted to recreate. I then handed them glue sticks, paper, and scissors and let them have at it. 

I think that it turned out really well and the boys loved it! They want to to it again! Paint samples are absolutely amazing and so is Eric Carle. Enjoy and be creative! 

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