Friday, June 15, 2012

Fireworks Season Has Begun!

This weekend is Festival of Trails. If you enjoy slushies, pitas, mini doughnuts, or crab ragoons you should make an appearance. Oh and add shifty carnival rides to that list! I would really only go for the food if I were you. The rain managed to hold off until the very last fireworks. I love fireworks! But here in Iowa they are against the law unless if you have a licence. So we can't really shoot them off on our own (although I do go to school in Wisconsin and will be living there in due time sooo maybe firework pyrotechnics are in my future. Ha! Who am I kidding? I get nervous lighting a candle.). Any who I took some pictures for you. 



So Pretty

The Big Finale 

I wanted to get a picture of Josh and I before it started raining but that
didn't happen what so ever. So please do enjoy my lovely rain hair!
But at least it didn't look like this lovely hair style that I had this morning. My family has crazy hair in the morning no matter how much I straighten it the night before. It's pretty bad I took a picture for you all to see. I think that we should take a picture and use it for our family picture. It'd be cute. Usually it's crazier than this but I kind of smoshed it down before I took a picture. 

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