Thursday, June 14, 2012

Operation Lemonade Stand

The boys have been begging me to let them have a lemonade stand. I finally agreed last week but it took us about a week to just get things together. I had them make signs last week. I told them that they had to be super awesome and they had to decorate them. 
Then yesterday morning they set up a picnic table and taped their signs on to the table. And then people came and bought lemonade and KoolAid. I sat near by in a chair and acted as money keeper. The boys made a total of four dollars, which I thought was pretty good considering that it was cloudy and cold yesterday. They want to have another one next week but they want to add cookies to their list... 

Oliver was all into the whole lemonade stand until the big boys told
him he was too little to help him so he rode his bike instead. 

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