Sunday, June 10, 2012

Joe Klampit

As a last ditch effort to get rid of any tan lines for my cousin's wedding, my mom and I laid out in the morning. It didn't do much. As we were laying in the protection of our backyard, my mom decided my brother's truck reminded her of the one off of Beverly Hill Billies. My brother is extremely talented with cars, building, fixing, and making things work. The bed of his truck "broke"  and he had to build a new one. If you ask me it kinda looks like a picnic table. He also made the metal parts above the wheels and such. Either way it's way better then I could ever do! 

 After we told my dad about what we thought about Joe's truck, my dad carried out a rocking chair and made a sign. He in return gave my car racing stripes with painters tape which was a pain to take off. (I don't have a picture. I took one with my phone and it got messed up :()

By the way I forgot to show you my nails that i did for my cousin's wedding. I only say this because it took me forever to find the perfect color polish!

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