Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I've got a Pocket full of Surprises!

This is a seceret so don't tell anyone! I'm going home this weekend for Easter to surprise my mom and dad! I wasn't supposed to be going home because I was just there for spring break, but I am just not ready to spend Easter alone yet. I know I am a weenie. I have a big family and we are very family people so this would be the first holiday away from them. I just decided about 10 minutes ago that I was for sure going home. I'm so excited to see them! I am anxiously waiting for my new swim suit to get here. It's somewhere here in town on the UPS truck and I just want it to get here! Even though it is just the bottoms (the top was put on back order. BOOOo!) But there is a free Victoria Seceret beach tote and a free gift card and I want to see how much I got! A free gift card is like gold to a poor college kid. I think that if I keep pushing refresh on the UPS page it will probably break :P I really don't want to go to psych because of this but I suppose I have to. I promise to post my new project when I get back from home!
Until next time!

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