Friday, May 4, 2012

Virtual Eating...

Even though I'm in college, I call my mom at least once a day and she will call me at least once a day and then there are some texts thrown in there.

Tonight would be a perfect example. I called her to tell her about something that Noah told me earlier. She calls me about 10 minutes later and we had this conversation:
         Mom: "Katelyn, you did you watch Where did You Come From?"
         Me: "No! I was watching Phineas and Ferb because Noah told me I had to."
         Mom: "Oh well I meant to call you when it started. It's really interesting. It's about the                          
           Holocaust." She then went to explain the show while I watched the last 10 minutes. 
         Me: "I'd like to go there (Germany).'
         Mom: "I'm not flying to any other country sorry."

Then I sent her this picture of my dinner of popcorn. 
Which led to the following conversation about popcorn over texts: 
                  Mom: Yum. That's my kind of supper.
                  Me: It's delish.
                  Mom: Umm I am trying to lose my freshman 15 here. (This is a joke in our house 
                    because I lost 10lbs when I went to school and Mom gained my freshman 15 :P)
                  Me: Well I am visually feeding you!
                  Mom: You're making me crave butter (Our weakness)
                  Me: Well just think how good you'll look in our family pictures. 
                  Mom: Yeah...
Usually I call her during my break from class and then we sit on the phone and gossip for an hour. My mom and I are really close like that. Being 5 hours away hasn't stopped us from discussing what's for dinner and how my brothers are driving her crazy. :) 
Love you Mom!

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