Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Painting Like Eric Carle (Part One)

It's Eric Carle craft week!!! OHHH Yeah!!! There's something you should know, my mom and I have a slight obsession with Eric Carle. We love the way he illustrates his books and the stories. My Pintrest is filled with stuff inspired by him. So I have dedicated this week to 

Today is part one of a two part craft. Today we painted our papers to use to make storybook pages tomorrow. If you don't know how Eric Carle illustrates see this video. I thought the boys would have a lot of fun with it and there were really no rules just don't paint Sophie (the dog) or yourself. <- That rule was barely followed. 

I put paint on paper plates so that we can use the plates tomorrow when we make our storybook pages and no paint was wasted! I then handed each boy a paint brush, paper, and some plastic forks. I also showed them that they could get a cool design if they pressed the painted paper in the grass (That led Miles to believe he could paint with the grass as a brush...). And then I walked away and checked in on them every so often. I wanted them to do what they thought looked best. 

Tomorrow we are going to make cut outs and turn them into storybook pages! 

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