Saturday, May 12, 2012

Finals... You're Killing my Brain

I think it might be possible for my brain to die of boredom. Ok, maybe not die but I am having a hard time focusing on actually studying. It's not good :(. Some good news? Last night Anna, Erin, Alex, and I went out to dinner and a movie. Anna and I like to dress up so we went all out.  
Stylish right? And then Anna walked out.
I swear it wasn't intentional! IT JUST HAPPENED! So did Erin's outfit. But that's because we raided her closed while she was in the shower... And created a genius outfit for her. (We found different shoes after the fact from a friend.)

We had a lot of fun. Anna and I shared Chicken Alfredo. It was AMAZING!!! And then we saw Dark Shadows. It was pretty good! I highly suggest it. 

We're Alex's "Charlie's Angels" according to Anna so we don't have to be a street gang. :P We had a ton of fun. But now I HAVE to get back to working on my notes. Maybe I'll do Anna's hair or something later and give you a how to video. Anything to not study :) 
Have a Great Saturday! 

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