Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hanging Art Display

It's been awhile. I was going to show you how to make this super cool shirt out of an old shirt. I wanted to do this because my boyfriends parents gave me a shirt for Christmas that was a size Men's XL and I unfortunatly am a size Woman's small-medium but I really wanted to be able to wear the shirt! Oh and my mom got a new sewing machine for Christmas that I have being dying to use :P. (Side note: I'm not even sure if the shirt would fit Josh. He's your average guy.) Anyways somewhere along the way it went awfully bad! I'm not sure if it started when my mom and I got a pin stuck in my arm or when I cut the neck to big. It might have started when my little helper (not so much helper) Pey started helping me.
She was soooo helpfull she deserved a snack! But in the end the shirt wasn't worth making a toutorial for because I am still not sure how I ended up with the finished project!
         Today I had a whole day to just stay inside because we went from no snow and 50 degree weather to 4 inches of snow and -8 degrees weather literally overnight. I crafted all day! I have so many things to show you! Today I am going to show you how to create a hanging art display. My mom runs a daycare and needed something to hang the kids' crafts and worksheets up on so parents could pick them up in the evening. This is what I came up with.
This project cost me $1.56 excluding the clothes pins and glue gun! I picked up a square wooden dowel from Hobby Lobby for $1.25 and some remnant ribbon in the clearance section also at Hobby Lobby for $0.31. I found some clothes pins in the laundry room and I invested in a glue gun at the begining of break.
First glue down the clothes pins. I started at by glueing one at each end about an inch in. When glueing the clothes pins on I found that it's easiest to opperate when glues on to the dowel right where the hinge starts. Once the end clips were attatched I glued one on each end about a glue stick length apart from the last clip. I kept doing this until my clips met in the middle!
Because I bought remnant ribbon I didn't have one peice of ribbon that was quite big enough so I tied two peices together!
To attach the ribbon to the dowel I hot glued it around rather than tying it. It seemed to hold better.

And there you have it! This took me a total of about 10 minutes to make. Although after the fact my mom decided that maybe she wanted it to me painted to Rust to match her shelves...

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